One of the most common questions we receive is “what research is there on the Paleo Diet?” That’s a great question and I’d recommend thoroughly reading ALL of the material listed on this page if you have questions or curiosity about the Paleo Diet.

Prof. Loren Cordain has a remarkable number of peer reviewed papers on his site.

Prof. Staffan Lindeberg has conducted research on both free living hunter gatherers and in clinical settings.

The Protein Debate is a project we funded in which Prof. Loren Cordain debated China Study author T. Colin Campbell about the role of protein in degenerative disease.

We talk a lot about nutrition on this site but exercise is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Prof. Frank Booth’s paper is a phenomenal exploration of the importance of exercise and health.

PUBMED is one of the largest repositories of human learning in existence. Put in a search term like “Paleo Diet” or “Hunter Gatherer” and get ready to learn!  And check out Scientific Research 101 if you need a tutorial on how to read research studies. full of paleo diet goodness.

I hear this Google thing might catch on.


Other common questions:


Acid Base balance


Fatty acids (including omega 3’s and 6’s) – My rough recommendation on fish oil supplementation is 2-4g per day.

What about the fructose/glucose content of fruits?


What about Ketosis? Dr. Mike Eades has a fantastic blog and here is an amazing primer on Ketosis: Metabolism & Ketosis. What about ketosis and exercise? Here is a great piece detailing both anthropological data and modern laboratory data on the subject: Ketogenic diets and physical performance. The bottom line? No glycogen, no glycolytic activity!